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Law for Women

Law for Women was founded to address the growing need for a women-focused firm and the difficult issue of marriage and family disintegration.

Initially, the target cases involved women abuse, divorce and family issues. However, we have evolved into a skilled law group offering solutions for problems in the workplace, mediation, and, when necessary, litigation.

Our aims

We wish to avoid litigation wherever possible.

In addition, we strive to :

  • Ensure a successful outcome
  • Save time and money
  • Prioritise client interests efficiently
  • Offer artful negotiation, experience, compassion and thorough knowledge of the law.

Legal Services for Women

Law for Women’s strength is our team of women providing legal services, who between them have more than a century of life, legal and administrative experience. We have achieved credibility and first-hand experience, rather than merely studying cases.

Our History

Law for Women is affiliated to Roy Bregman Attorneys, a legal firm with an established and successful client portfolio and a growing practice. We provide services to members of the community and concentrate on couples, families, insolvencies, and the labour law.

Your contact person at Law for Women is Trixi Neethling

For more aboutTrixi you can read her profile here.



Law For Women, By Women

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Financial assistance is available - just ask
Partnership agreements for marriage and cohabitation

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