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Debt Do Us NOT Part Print E-mail
Written by Trixi Neethling   

The Economic decline is forcing couples to continue living together:

After years of warfare and tension at home a couple consulted me last week about separating.

But, when I  discussed how they would divide their assets it was obvious their bond situation left them stuck until the property market picks up.

I finally came up with a peculiar solution.  They divide the house into an upstairs and downstairs where they live apart in the same home.  I then drew up strict bathroom and kitchen rules and timetables.

They are not the only couple who are stuck with one another because of the high cost of living,  topsy turvy housing market, and insecure jobs due to recession.

Relationships don’t always work out, but the global recession is making it almost impossible for couples to make a clean break.   More and more people are living with their exes.  Sadly, it’s the same financial problems that are the very reasons the relationships hit skid row in the first place.

Sex Workers Soccer and Beyond... Print E-mail
Written by Trixi Neethling   

Our client list of sex workers has grown the last month or two as police take to arresting them one after another before the BIG FIFA event. They are never locked up for sex work but under erroneous charges and we are called on to act on their behalf. We can’t defend them for being sex workers anyway, as the profession is criminalised.

The idea of Govt is to get them off our streets before tourists arrive.

But, it’s a no-brainer that the oldest profession in the world will come to an end only with the end of the world.

The more women they take off streets and private clubs and homes criminalising all aspects of sex work as criminal offences, the more foreigners will be illegally human trafficked to our shores – let alone children kidnapped across our borders and forced into becoming prostitutes.

Now here’s the thing: The majority of sex workers we counsel are main bread winners

Tiger Woods Apologizes Print E-mail
Written by Trixi Neethling   

So Tiger Woods apologized for being a serial adulterer. Do we care? 

Are all men either wishing they could follow his example?  Is it impossible for men to stay faithful?

Will Elin take him back? Would you consider it if he were your husband or partner?

Does sex addiction really exist or is it just an excuse for infidelity?

Keep Your Hands Off Our Kids... Print E-mail
Written by Trixi Neethling   

Why are our kids used as fodder for every sicko drunkard, reckless driver, perp, and sex perv?

What possesses a man to scar a baby, young girl or woman for life emotionally and physically?

South African’s have become brain dead from countless horror stories each day.

How sick is it when one reads that the family of an 11 month old raped baby had to pay a private pathologist instead of waiting for years for a police forensic lab to test the DNA of the bastard who attacked her.  The baby needed emergency surgery to her vagina and anus…but no…DNA tests for more than five years because of a backlog of 20 000 samples still waiting to be analysed.


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