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Keep Your Hands Off Our Kids... Print E-mail
Written by Trixi Neethling   

Why are our kids used as fodder for every sicko drunkard, reckless driver, perp, and sex perv?

What possesses a man to scar a baby, young girl or woman for life emotionally and physically?

South African’s have become brain dead from countless horror stories each day.

How sick is it when one reads that the family of an 11 month old raped baby had to pay a private pathologist instead of waiting for years for a police forensic lab to test the DNA of the bastard who attacked her.  The baby needed emergency surgery to her vagina and anus…but no…DNA tests for more than five years because of a backlog of 20 000 samples still waiting to be analysed.

In this rape Leon Vermeulen 42, appeared in court and will apply for bail on March 25th.

Labs are so overworked that samples from 2004 and 2005 are still waiting for testing.

Then also this week parents came forward when a 60 year-old swimming instructor was released on bail after being charged with raping three little girls.

According to Good Samaritan Marc Hardwick via cyber space communication and press parents have been alerted and want to see the perpetrator punished.

Marc is director of The Guardian Kwazulu Natal organisation which provides investigative services and training for sexual crimes involving kids. Childline agree the suspect may “repeat such behaviour” while out on bail.

“Other parents have come forward to say their children went to him for swimming lessons two years ago and they suspect they may have been molested because they noticed signs indicating their children had been abused.

I say all parents coming forward if you notice your kids display aggressive or sexual behaviour that could indicate abuse?

This perv was investigated for six cases of sexual assault against children as far back as 2008 but he was not arrested.

I say all parents coming forward if you notice your kids display aggressive or sexual behaviour that could indicate abuse?

My staff and colleagues agree.


All woman and as many men as possible in South Africa must join hands, come out loud and clear that our bodies belong to us. Our daughters and sons are not born to be damaged by sociopathic molesters.   We will hunt them out if we have to search behind every door and under every rock. And we will seek justice. 

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