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Tiger Woods Apologizes Print E-mail
Written by Trixi Neethling   

So Tiger Woods apologized for being a serial adulterer. Do we care? 

Are all men either wishing they could follow his example?  Is it impossible for men to stay faithful?

Will Elin take him back? Would you consider it if he were your husband or partner?

Does sex addiction really exist or is it just an excuse for infidelity?

My guess? 

Tiger Woods will go back to play golf and remain the best golfer ever. 

And let’s face it. Closer to home we have bigger problems….like a person who shall remain nameless but suffers the same affliction as Tiger, but sadly leaves evidence of his infidelity by siring 20 kids…! Now that’s a helluva whack of moolah to pay in school fees alone when one thinks about it.

Must be the sexy site of him dancing in skins that keeps women agreeing to become First Lady number 5 or is it 6?

“It’s our culture,” says Mr. Rhythm.

What do you think?     


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