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Sex Workers Soccer and Beyond... Print E-mail
Written by Trixi Neethling   

Our client list of sex workers has grown the last month or two as police take to arresting them one after another before the BIG FIFA event. They are never locked up for sex work but under erroneous charges and we are called on to act on their behalf. We can’t defend them for being sex workers anyway, as the profession is criminalised.

The idea of Govt is to get them off our streets before tourists arrive.

But, it’s a no-brainer that the oldest profession in the world will come to an end only with the end of the world.

The more women they take off streets and private clubs and homes criminalising all aspects of sex work as criminal offences, the more foreigners will be illegally human trafficked to our shores – let alone children kidnapped across our borders and forced into becoming prostitutes.

Now here’s the thing: The majority of sex workers we counsel are main bread winners

supporting at least two dependents, sometimes three. There is often a daughter and a grandmother and the sex worker themselves trying to survive. They find it impossible to obtain any other work so they take to sex work just to keep a roof over the families head.

We agree with SWEAT organisation (Sex Workers Education & Advocacy Taskforce), that sex work should be decriminalised in South Africa. We agree with a High Court judge who declared sex work should be decrimanilised in 2002 because ciminalising sex work is discrimanatory and should be declared unconstitutional.

But sadly The Constitutional Court overturned the High Court’s decision.

Now, while Law for Women don’t actively condone sex workers, we believe the practice will continue until doomsday, and instead of making it illegal we should focus on public health messages for sex workers, and human rights training

We do believe that sex work under the age of 18 years should be illegal.

With legalised sex work for adults:

  • Sex workers will have easy access to health, social, police, legal and financial services.
  • There will be compulsory blood and gynaecological check ups.
  • Sex workers will be able to work in safe conditions.
  • Female and male condoms…..while we about it, condoms packed with soccer logo and lubricants are a good start for the next five months.
  • We may put out messages mainly in bars and pubs where soccer will be watched during FIFA.
  • Sex workers will have the right to have access to free, quality and respectful health care.
  • There will be workshops with police to sensitise police to sex worker issues
  • And violence from clients, sex workers partners, will be a criminal offence.

Go to SWEAT website You can send your comments to the Commission and you can support submissions of organisations working to decriminalise sex work.

If you agree let us know by leaving your comments right here.


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