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Sunday, 02 March 2008 16:33
Trix Neethling Law for Women

Trixi Neethling

Trixi's personal history and humble beginnings were the perfect dress rehearsal for Trixi Neethling’s role as team leader of Law for Women.

A skilled legal advisor

A skilled Legal AdvisorTrixi has experienced the pain of divorce and is aware of its devastating effect on women and children particularly.

One of four children, Trixi was ‘handed out’ to grandparents at the tender age of three, after her parents’ difficult divorce.

She got to know her biological father after having her first child, and shortly thereafter, he committed suicide.

Her mother remarried and after the birth of two sons, cared mainly for her ‘new’ family, leaving Trixi out in the cold. Tragically, Trixi’s biological sister was chosen to live with their mother further alienating the young child.

Growing up as an only child without parents

Growing up as an only child, Trixi had to go to boarding school, but at 13, she became a day scholar, as she had to care for her frail and elderly grandparents. As their health deteriorated, she bathed and fed them. At fifteen, her grandmother died, and shortly thereafter her grandfather. Trixi’s mother was still caring for her “new family” and Trixi lived alone relying on her own resources.

Following completion of a commercial matric certificate at 16, Trixi found a job, and married just before her 20th birthday. Unfortunately, her unresolved childhood issues pushed her into an emotional physical and financially abusive marriage. Her husband later transferred to the Cape, and one night, following many escapes to women’s shelters, she boarded a train for Johannesburg with her three-month-old son.

Virtually penniless, she still maintained a strained relationship with her mother, whose only words of support were: "Help is at the end of your own arm."

From Hardship to Healing

Forced to stand on her own feet, Trixi rented a bachelor flat in Berea and walked  her son to crèche in Yeoville each morning before walking to work in downtown Marshalltown and repeated the procedure each evening. Since it was illegal to have children under a year at play school, the crèche owner hid the baby in a box when inspectors visited the premises.

Trixi’s job as a bookkeeper cum administrator in a legal office led her to deal with piles of files on abandoned or abused women, mothers left alone with their children, women with no financial means to survive and others who lived in court, fighting for basic maintenance – many of whom went without food - just to feed their little ones.

One day, Trixi took a silent oath that she would use “the help at the end of her own arm” by not only bettering her personal circumstances and getting educated, but also by dedicating herself to assisting other women caught in abusive circumstances beyond their control.

Several years’ later, she started Pinnacle Administration, a financial organisation involved in handling people’s financial affairs, particularly when they required third party intervention to pay off creditors.

Adversity to Triumph

When she was 52 years old, Trixi decided to fulfill her lifelong ambition to become a lawyer. She read for her LLB law degree, gaining high marks in every subject.

Happily living with her life partner of 22 years, Trixi is now also reunited with, and caring for, her aged mother and has left hardship behind.

While serving her articles under the umbrella of Roy Bregman’s law offices, she diversified into the Law for Women sector of the practice, which she now heads.

Trixi integrates all her accumulated skills, offering compassionate legal services, particularly to people terrified of approaching lawyers owing to fear or concern about high fees and painful litigation procedures

Mindful of the reputation of lawyers for favouring drawn-out litigation, she remains faithful to her promise to be approachable and compassionate and never to overcharge.

Above all, she seeks mutually amicable resolutions to all disputes, be they marital or labour issues, in the quickest possible time.

Trixi has come full circle

She brings the ultimate in personal and professional experience to Law for Women and is also a beacon of hope for women everywhere.

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